Whatsapp brought new update, will be able to get back the deleted image and video from the phone

WhatsApp brings new updates from time to time for its users. In this episode the mobile networking app has given a new update which is going to prove a lot of work for users. Actually, Whats App has given the user the convenience of their new updates in such a way that they will be able to get deleted photos and videos from their phones.

According to the reports, WhatsApp still kept the user's database up to 30 days on its server. With it, the user went to the same image and video server as the user downloaded, so that the user could only get the photo and video there, which they downloaded.
But now the company has modified its media storage protocol and now it will save the entire user's messages and multimedia content even if the user has not downloaded it. Claims that WhatsApp server is encrypted and cannot access any other user's information.

The company has released its new update for Android users and it will be available soon for iOS users.

Find photos and videos that have been deleted from the phone
If you have deleted the photos and videos from your phone you got on WhatsApp, then you can now find them again. For this, the user must first find that photo or video in chat history and tap on it, then it will be downloaded.

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Apart from this, WhatsApp is making another update for its users, after which the user will be able to fix the WhatsApp icon on their phone. At the moment, this update is in testing, with the help of which users can use rounded square or tier drop-style icons in comparison to the Normal Icon.

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