Smart Bracelet Will Protect Women

smart Bracelet

In recent years, incidents of sexual harassment of women have increased rapidly. It has become a big problem to ensure their safety while traveling on the road. In view of this, American scientists have created a bracelet that will work like jewelry as well as their protection.

Ragib Hassan, a scientist from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said, in most cases, there is no accessible way for the victims to collect people to help in the attack. Even in gadgets without pressing the button can not call anyone while suffering. It becomes even more difficult in case of an unconscious attack. But this new bracelet will remove all these problems.

Several types of sensors have been used in the bracelet sample prepared. These sensors analyze the activities of the person and automatically detect the danger and it starts getting light with a loud voice. In this way, with the intimidation of the attacker, there is also a signal of danger to the people present. This bracelet also has a GPS and a microphone.

The special thing is that in the mobile app made with this device you can choose & feed the necessary contact number. At the time of the crisis, it will send your location information through Bluetooth by sending messages to those numbers from Bluetooth. At present, it costs 40 dollars to prepare it, but if there is a large number of production, the cost will be reduced.

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