How to Find Out What Google Know About Us? #GoogleHistory & #MyActivity

1. How to Find Out What Google Know About Us? How can we check that Google knows about our Personal Data or not?
2. Is Google known everything? How can manage Google My activity?
2.1 What is Local History and Google History?
2.2 Where is Google History saved?
3 How to Manage Google MyActivity?

Hello friends, Google know everything? This question is easy. Whatever we search on Google we get the answer. But here we are not going to talk about what we can search on Google Search Engine? We are going to talk about how much Google knows about our personal information? Does Google also save our information like Facebook?
If yes,

So, where does it save? And how can we get information about it? What are Local History and Google History? How can we manage our internet activity?

About Facebook Analytic Scandal, We all know how Facebook has been messing with User Personal Information and about 10 million people have become Data Leak. We use Facebook in Limit, so we do not bother it. But at Google we do almost all the work connected to the Internet. So can Google do the same? We should know about it in a little bit more detail.

Is Google known everything? How can manage Google My activity?

Not only in India, Google is rolling over Internet and Mobile in almost all countries. When We have to do some search on the internet, So we use Google.

We have to watch a video on the Internet so we use YouTube which is Google's service. In Mobile, Android is the most famous mobile operating system. Which is also Provided by Google’s service.

That is, what activity we do today on Mobile, Laptop. Google knows about all of those activities. Which video we are watching on the Internet? What are you searching on Google? Which App Is Opening On Mobile? Where are you going? Regarding all of these, Google keeps track of every second and save all the information.

Suppose if we talk to someone from our Android phone through the call, That's all saved in the Call Details Google Account. Like what the phone has been called from?, At what time did you call?

What is Local History and Google History?

Whenever we do some searches on the Internet and when we need to delete Search History. So we delete the History by going to Chrome Browser. All such search history is called Local History which is saved on our browser.

When we clear our local browser history, we feel that whatever we had searched on the Internet, it was lost, now nobody knows about it. But it is not that whatever we search on the internet through Google, all of us go to Google #MyActivity and save it. That’s called google history.

Where Google History saved?

Google saves all our history in 6 basic parts,






Google Play

All this is saved on the search history website. From here we can get information about all our activities. For example…

If we search about an Image, Website, Product, Services on Chrome Browser, then it gets saved in the chrome option. From here onwards, when we use chrome, all the history saves will be available to this day.

In any browser, if we search anything through Google Search Engine. She gets saved by going to Google MyActivity search option. Whatsoever we do in the Private Incognito Browser, we do not save in all the history local browsers. But it can be seen in the search option via Google MyActivity.

We do any activity on Android Phone. Such as a Calling, messaging, Using WhatsApp, Using Facebook, Using an App, etc. All types of activity are saved in android option. If we can check the history of all of these by visiting MyActivity in the Android Option.

We know about the video we watch on YouTube and our history is saved in YouTube account. But in myactivity, the history of all videos is saved, we do not know about it. If we clear all the searches from YouTube History, then all YouTube Search History will remain in Google MyActivity.

In this way we can check all your Search History with the help of Google MyActivity. According to Google, it tracks and stores User Data for this. So that it can improve his advertising network. So if we have to delete an account from Google MyActivity then what we have to do?

How to Manage Google MyActivity?

Whatever application software we use, we use the website. About 90% of that services save our Personal Information on their server in some way.

But very few of these are service providers who give us the option of managing our Personal Data. Like Facebook, we get the option to view and download all the personal information saved by it. But do not get the option of managing.

But Google does not do this. If we use Google and want to delete all our history, information from google, then we have such authority. With this, if we want that Google does not save any kind of activity, we also have an authority for that.

Just for that we have to open Google MyActivity,

If we have to delete any history or activity, then just go to that type of option (search, chrome etc.) and click delete. Just our history will be deleted.

If we want google to save any of our activities or history in Future, then we have to click on the Activity Controls option. After that, we can manage any type of activity by either Enable or Disable.

Friends, if we are connected to the Internet then none of our information is 100% Secure. We believe that by doing a clear browsing history, anything that has been done on the Internet has been deleted. While this does not happen. All the browsers send user data to their servers by some means. Google MyActivity is a web service by which Google Product and services saved information can be managed.