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What is the Incognito Browser? Is this Safe for Private Internet Search?

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What is the Incognito Browser? Or is it possible to search for a private internet?

 We all want to know about it and sometimes we need to private search on the internet. Hello friends, today we will talk about whether using the Incognito Private Browser on the browser is safe? And together, you will learn how to enable Incognito mode in all Browser,

Private Browsing Since Trend Since we have been informed about Virtual Private Network (VPN). First, we do a private internet search by using a free or paid VPN server on the phone or laptop. But since Google Incognito Private Mode has been added to Google Chrome. Since then, we use this. But some things are associated with the Incognito mode, which we need to have information about. But before that we should know.

What is the Incognito Browser?

The privacy mode or "private browser" or "incognito mode" is a privacy feature of some web browsers. Which disables History and Web Cache option from Browser. That is, if we enable Incognito mode, then our History of the Browser and Cache Save does not happen.

By using it, we can save the Internet without having Local Data, and Private Mode also has a feature that denies it from saving any website's cookies. This means that no cookies or Flash cookies from any website are saved in the browser store.

Incognito Browser is Specially made for these works,

Reducing history, including autofill, browsing, and personal information.

Performing “pure searches” that are not influenced by prior browsing history or networks or friends’ recommendations, which may weight and highest rank certain results than others.

Preventing accidental saving of log-in credentials to accounts.

Signing into multiple accounts simultaneously, via multiple tabs.

Testing websites.

Preventing other users of the computer from finding one’s search history.

In which browser we get Incognito mode?

The concept of Private browser was firstly launched in 2008 by google in Chrome browser.

After that it comes gradually in all Browsers. Now You can use it in all popular browsers...

Incognito Mode in Chrome Browser:

Opening a Private Browser in Google Chrome is the easiest and after just opening the chrome, you can open the New Incognito Window by clicking on the 3 dots line above the right side.

Incognito Mode in Mozilla Browser:

To enable privacy mode in Mozilla Firefox browser, we have to click on the right corner menu. After that, you can enable privacy mode by clicking New Private window and doing a private internet search.

Incognito Mode in Apple Safari:

If you are a Mac user or an iPhone user and can enable private online search by enabling incognito mode in Safari browser. Just go to the Safari Menu and click on the File option. After that click on New Private Window and you can open it.

Incognito Mode in Microsoft Edge:

In Windows 10, we get Microsoft Edge browser instead of Internet explorer browser and we can also enable Safe Browser mode. All we have to do is click on the 3 dots for this to go into More action, after that we have to click on the New In Private window and our private Internet browser will be opened.

Is there a private internet browser?

We use Incognito mode in Computer / Mobile for some special purpose internet search and most of us use it for private search. Because we know that this is a safe way for such activity in the internet and nobody will be aware of it.

But I'll tell you that Incognito is not a Secure Private browsing way. If we search the internet here by doing something here, nobody will know about what we will search here. So this is our misconception.

The only way to Surfing in a secure way on the Internet is VPN and there is no way. With the help of which we could do an internet search about which Local & Server does not know anyone.

As I have said, "Incognito Browser" is such a browser. That does not save any type of history, cache or cookies in our computer or browser. That is, if we want to search something on a computer, where we do not have any history to save. So we can use the Incognito browser in that place.

This prevents our Local Data from being saved, but whatever uses the Search by using Incognito Browser. That activity is saved on Google, and by using any network, we are using the Internet. Even on this, it is known about who opened their website.

Friends, what's the Incognito Browser? We should know about it, it is a very useful browser mode for us. If we ever have a Gmail, FB or any personal or professional account login in Cyber ​​Cafe or another computer. So, if you forgot to log in to account in a hurry, even though the incognito browser will be closed, all accounts will be automatically logout and all history will be cleared.

Along with this it also prevents Cache and Cookies from being saved in our browser. This do not cache Browser's Cache Memory, and our browser gives good performance. Incognito browser is designed to only improve the feature of all browsers. Not for any kind of search that nobody knows about. So keep this in mind whenever you enable the Incognito Browser from next.

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