What is DoubleClick for Publishers or DFP? | How do I get double income?

What is DFP?

Hello friends, Today's Topic is for bloggers like us who use Google Adsense Network. Because here we are going to talk about DoubleClick for Publishers? And how to earn income double on your website.
This is not an Internet Trick or an Adsense Revenue trick, it's Google's product which can double our online income. But to use it and implement all its techniques well and implement it, it is very important for us to know about it in detail. Because if we start using DoubleClick with incomplete information, then in future we may not be able to get single Income just because of Double Income improper setting.

What is DoubleClick for Publishers?

DoubleClick For Publishers, it is also called as DFP. This is an Ad delivering tool built on the SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Platform and it manages Ads on Mobile Devices, Website and Game.
DoubleClick is Google's service and it is for all Internet Influencers who want to manage Ads for Multiple Audiences.
If asked for bloggers like us, who use Ad Network, such as Adsense, Media.Net, Infolink for Online Income. So for all those people, DoubleClick For Publishers has an Ad Optimization tool that can double our earnings by boosting CPC.
Before knowing about how this works, we know about some of the features that we have to use for Ad Optimization.

DFP features:

This is called the Google Ad Sale Management For Publishers. They were created by keeping the publishers like us in mind so that we could take advantage of them to increase their revenue, such as...
Central Place: From here we can get information on all our Platform Traffic about a Page. That is, you can analyze all your website traffic.
Advanced Forecasting: "Forecasting" This gives us the idea that we will get a lot of impressions on whatever advertisement we get from the Advertiser.
Revenue Optimization: We use Google Adsense as well as any Ad Network. The revenue Optimization chooses the better advert on which we can get a high income.
Regarding DoubleClick For Publishers, we have now got a little bit of an idea about what it is and how we can use it. After this we now know how to use it.

Why DoubleClick For Publishers Used?

Almost all of Pro Bloggers use DFP Network and generate double revenue by managing all of their Ad Networks Account in a smart way. Now we know how to start your DFP Network and double your income.
Note- Only those people who have an Approve Adsense Account can use DFP Network. Because this is a Google product and if we have Media.net, Chitika, Infolink's Approve ad network, but AdSense is not approved, then Google does not allow it to be used.
If you have an Adsense account, then you have to open the Simple DFP Network and Click to Create Account on Sign Up. When we create an account on it, it asks us for information about Monthly Visitor and Adsense Network. If we select Yes then it Qualifies for it.
Once the account is created, we have to create an Ad Unit, the kind of Ad we have to put on our website, and as soon as we create an ad unit, DFP creates an advertisement tag in the form of HTML & JS Code,
After this, we have to set the Ad Unit on our Advertising Platform. After that, whenever a visitor opens the web page. Ad Tag identifies an ad unit by itself and makes it visible on a Suitable Space.
This process looks like a common Ad Unit Setup process. But let me tell you, when we use DoubleClick For Publishers, it shows only the highest CPC containing Ad on our website. So that we can get maximum revenue.
Friends here tool is more helpful for us when we use multiple networks together, Google has specially created it for our publishers so that they can manage all their Ad Networks from one place and ad to optimize the show on their website.
Whenever we use Adsense, we do not know when CPC ads will be displayed on our website and this gives us less and sometimes more money. But we may know from DoubleClick For Publishers. The ad, which will be displayed on our website, will be the best of the high content of that Time.
Example- Suppose We use the Ad Network multiple times and we place all the ads on our website. In such a situation, if we do not use DFP, then our website will always have the same Ad Show which is where we show it.
But if the DFP tool is used, then on our website it will be Ad Show from all Ad Network whose CPC will be the highest at that time.
Friends, DoubleClick For Publishers is a better tool that only few people know about it. Who has the information about it, they are taking advantage of it, if your Adsense Account is approved, then you set it up today and share your thoughts in the Comment.