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How much you know about these 9 features of WhatsApp

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The popularity of the world's greatest text messaging app, WhatsApp has increased manifold compared to last year in India. The updates made in recent times are making the app even more user-friendly. In this way, we are going to tell you about the 10 features of WhatsApp, after which you will become a WhatsApp Expert. Lets see how much you know about these 9 features of WhatsApp

Mute message

Many times it happens that we do not want to be a part of many groups in WhatsApp, so the Mute feature of the app can be great for you. With this feature, you can mute any group or person, after which you will get rid of the notification of the muted account. You can also decide the time duration in your app.

Learn who has read your message

The Blue Tick feature helps you to know whether the front has read the message you sent yet or not. If you see a blue mark in front of any message, then understand that the front has read your message.

Delete Send message 

With the help of 'Delete for everywhere' feature, you can delete the message you sent. The message will be deleted from you and the app on the front.

Save your phone's data

With the help of 'Limit Data Usage' feature you can now save your phone's data. You can save your data during the WhatsApp call using 'Low Data Uses' on Whatsapp.

Change the font of your message

You can change your font on WhatsApp. If you are bored with your old fonts, then definitely you can use this feature.

Set up notifications

With this feature, you can set different user notifications separately. With the help of this feature, you will know how to handle the phone without touching anyone who has messaged you.

Unread Feature

If you do not want the front to know that you've read the message, then unread the text messages.

Chat Email

You can also email the text message of WhatsApp.
Keep the necessary message above
If someone is special to you then you can keep his message always above the Home screen with the help of pin feature.

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