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Android P operating system can be launch soon Google, what will be special

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There are a lot of rumors about the market for hot rumors about Google's new operating system, Android P. Google's latest operating system is still Android Oreo, but it is expected that Google can soon remove the curtain from its new operating system. Google launches its new products every year in its annual conference in May. It is believed that this time Google will continue its traditional approach and will release the first developer version of Android P.
According to media reports, the first developer preview of Google Android P can be released in the month of March. In the simplest language, in the coming days, the developers can get news about its features.According to reports, the Android P operating system will include many great features, one of these will also be the call blocking feature. After this feature comes you will get a holiday with promotional call on your smartphone. Indeed, these features will automatically block the numbers, private numbers, or numbers whose caller ID will not be. This new feature can be given in the default dallier app.

Reports also mention that Android P can be associated with Google Assistant. This will make the phone's battery life stronger than ever before. This version of Android is being called 'Pistachio Ice Cream'. While no official name has yet been given to this operating system officially.

According to rumors spread over the internet and social media, Google's new operating system will work on OrtizFi Intelligence. This means that with the help of this operating system your phone will become even smarter. The phone will track your habits more closely, making the phone easier to use.

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