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What is Info links and how to earn money online?

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Today, I would like to tell you about Info links Monetization for friends, online money earning, how you can raise your blog earning by enabling Info links Monetization. First of all let’s know about Info Links.

What is Info links? (What is Info Links?)
Info links is Advertising Platform, which offers Ad Solution for both Publisher & Advertiser. It cannot say exactly like Google AdSense. But to some extent it is similar to AdSense.

Like Google AdSense, Show Target based ads in Info links, which leads to CTR Increase or Say Click comes.

Info links is the only Ad Network organization in which you will only see Text Ads. It changes the text of your post into Ads only.

Most of Info links is used in the Use Event Blogging, Downloading Website.

Info links is for both Blogger (Publisher) and Businessman (Advertiser).
If a businessman wants to advertise his product, Info links can be the best option for you.
For Hindi Blogger's Info links is the best, because the Google AdSense CPC (Cost per Click) for Hindi Blog is very less. In such a way you should monetize your blog by Info link with AdSense on Blog.
So you can earn Earning from Info links as well as AdSense and can increase the Blog's Income.
This will not affect your Google AdSense monetization and if you do Event Blogging or have any such Website / Blog. Where you post Movie, Songs, Video, Coupon, Documents Content etc.

So Info links Ads can earn you money. And if Info links gets approve in ads 2 or 3, then you will not have to wait like Google AdSense.

The biggest advantage of doing this to him is that, like User Search, comes to your blog. Similarly, Text Ads shows it.

For example: - If your blog comes from a Visitor "what is blogging" Search. Then he will get related to your Blog All Ads blogging.

So let's see what Info links is..?

How to increase the CPC by placing Google AdSense in the right place
Requirements for Info links Monetization:
As you all know, there are so many requirements to approve Google AdSense. But there is nothing like Info links, for that you just have a blog.

A blog on which there are some posts and it is in Running Condition, that's the only requirement for Info links ads.

Step by Make Money Online with Info links Monetization:
Friends, To enable Info link Monetization, you only have to follow 3 steps,
             Sign Up
             Get Code & Paste Into Blog
             Make money

Step 1:  Sign Up
To sign up, go to the Info links website and click on Signup.
Now you can enter the address of your blog (For example- www.mytechnicaltalks.com) then click on "sign up with email" and enter your name, email, password and click on "Join"
Well if you want to sign up from Facebook account Click on Sign Up with Facebook.

Step 2: Get Code & Paste Into Blog
Now click on the login option and enter your email address and password.

After logging in, a Notification will open in front of you. Which will be written in
"Your application is in process and you will be sent an email when your application is approved. By this time you complete 1-minute Integration process "
Now you can click on "1-minute Integration"

Here you will find many blogging platforms like,
·         Word Press
·         Blogger
·         Druple
·         Joomla

With this you will get JS code, copy this code and paste it on the code in your blog </ body> tag.
For example- If your blog is on Blogger, you open your account and click on "Template".

Step 3: Make money
Just wait till the Info links Monetization Approvable mail arrives, as soon as your account is approved. Earning will start by Info links on your blog.
Click here for Info link Payment Terms & Condition

Friends, this post has been told about Info links Monetization. If Google AdSense CPC is low on your blog, you can earn money by putting Info links ads on your blog with Google AdSense.

Hopefully this post would have liked you and would have been helpful for you, if you have any questions or suggestions about this post. So you must comment to us.

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